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FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO POUR ON THE PERFORMANCE…Yamaha Genuine Parts & Yamalube® Outboard Maintenance Products Yamalube®. It’s the brand behind every reliable engine. And for good reason. You see, the very engineers who design high-performance Yamaha outboards consult on the formulation of each Yamalube marine oil. All of our care and maintenance products are formulated and manufactured to Yamaha’s stringent standards for quality. As a result, nothing enhances performance, lowers ownership costs or extends the life of a Yamaha Outboard quite like Yamalube®. Yamaha Parts/Yamalube Products Feel free to stop by to see our full line of oil, maintenance and care products or contact us and let us know what Yamaha Parts and/or Products you may need.

Outboard motors live in one of the harshest environments imaginable. High load, high-RPM operation, extreme temperatures and humidity, saltwater, sun, even long periods of non-use can all exact a heavy toll. Regular maintenance is important in helping your outboard meet the demands of these challenging environments. Hudson Marine is here to help! We not only provide regular maintenance for your motor, but we also carry a full range of Yamaha parts and Yamalube products. Not only do we have the experience, Owner Bob Hudson is a Certified Yamaha Master Technician (the highest certification a Yamaha technician can attain and an elite few achieve this designation). The Yamaha Outboard Master Technician is one of the industry’s most advanced training programs. In order to earn the designation of Master Technician, one must not only complete the training program but also pass a final certification test.

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Keeping your outboard in great condition is a win-win. You’ll have more hours of trouble-free enjoyment on the water, preserve your investment with a higher resale value, your boat will be ready when you are, and most of all, it’s easier and costs less to maintain than repair. What are you waiting for? Stop by, or give us a call!